Why Water Pollution is Killing Us

Why Water Pollution is Killing Us Water pollution is a prevalent worldly issue.  Yes, we exploit this resource via bathing, cooking, washing, drinking, and recreational activities.  As a result, our natural water bodies (lake, aquifers, oceans, and rivers) are being polluted by the second. Water occupies two third of the earth’s surface, which is about […]

What is Unemployment Insurance?

What is Unemployment Insurance? Overview Unemployment sits among the top priorities of any country. In fact, the United States of America recorded a total number of 400,000 citizens who filed for unemployment benefits in 2012.  Unemployment insurance can help. Unemployment has become a large issue and focus across all countries.  This is why there is […]

How to Avoid Industrial and Construction Accidents

How to Avoid Industrial and Construction Accidents The ever-growing mechanization, electrification, chemicalisation, and class have made construction accidents and industrial jobs increasingly advanced and complicated. This has led to elevated risks to human life in industries with more industrial and construction accidents. What do industrial and construction accidents really mean?  Industrial and construction accidents are a […]