Florida Child Support Calculator Factors

Florida Child Support Calculator Factors Florida has been ranked as one of the most stressed states in the country, a reason given for the soaring rates of divorce. Statistics show that it holds the seventh-highest divorce rate in the nation, with 15% of Florida residents either divorced or separated. Approximately 50,000 couples file for divorce […]

Brain Injury Types and Treatment

What Are Brain Injury Types and Treatment? A brain injury refers to any damage to the brain resulting in loss of its physiological, anatomical and psychological functions. Brain injury causes the death of all or some of the brain cells, which can lead to a diminished performance of normal physiological functions. These injuries come as […]

Kansas Child Support Program

Kansas Child Support Program The Kansas Child Support program provides helps to children for the purpose of getting the required financial support for their growth and development. The program helps with the establishment of parentage and orders for children and medical assistance, finding noncustodial parents and their property, carrying out medical and child care orders, […]

Is Asbestos Linoleum Harmful?

Is Asbestos Linoleum Harmful? Overview Most houses built in the 20th century probably contain some asbestos products either in the walls, ceiling, or vinyl sheets and floor tiles (linoleum). This asbestos is exposed during renovation, repairs or demolition causing a grave effect on the health of the occupants and the neighbors’ as well. What is […]

Is Asbestos Siding Harmful?

Is Asbestos Siding Harmful? Overview Because of the advantages asbestos siding possess, most of the homes and buildings built in the 1920s contain asbestos in their siding or roofing. While many marveled at this magic mineral which is resistant to fire, heat, chemical and electrical damages, it was proven to cause more harm than good, […]