Bicycle Accident Claims to File

Bicycle Accident Claims to File

Bicycle Accidents and Filing a Claim

Can insurance claims be filed after bicycle accidents? The answer is yes. It seems minor compared to automobile accidents, but yes. You can file bicycle accident claims especially if the accident is caused by another vehicle. Bicycle accidents are actually quite common and various claims can be filed especially if it was not the rider’s fault. In 2014 alone, the United States recorded over 50,000 bicycle accidents due to various causes, resulting in various physical injuries and even death, with an average of almost 800 per year. 2018 saw about 49,000 cyclists injured. Such accidents are often caused by other vehicles.
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Aside from personal life insurance, cyclists do not necessarily need to be insured, but they can file for one if they have valuable gear. They can file for claims against drivers of the other vehicle. It pays to know that cyclists can file claims for bicycle accidents and not to simply shake it off in case of a simple bruise. These accidents could easily get fatal or highly damaging given slightly different circumstances. There are several ways to strengthen a case before filing a claim. Thanks to technology, with the help of cellphones, bodycams, bicycle cams, CCTV and GPS filing for bicycle accident claims have become easier.

Things to Do

  • First and foremost, if you are involved in an accident, if you’re still able to, try to get off the road and out of danger especially in dark conditions. Seek assistance from people around you. Ask those around if they would be willing to act as witnesses and get their contact numbers. In case you’re not conscious or badly injured in the event, you can seek out those who gave assistance and ask if they can act as witness. Ask for their contact details.
  • Now that everyone has a camera, it’s easier to get pictures of the accident scene to support your claim. Your bodycam or phone recording your journey should be able to catch the vehicle or plate of an offending driver in case he/she runs away from responsibility.
  • Should you be confronted or assisted by the other party get the necessary details such as name, contact number, address and insurance details. Also acquire a copy of the police report if any.
  • Do NOT admit any liability such as any impairment or intoxication or pre-existing damage to your vehicle as it can hurt your case.
  • Refrain from cursing and swearing. Though it’s natural to be angry try to stay calm in order to better assess the situation.
  • Even if you are still able to, and your bicycle is not damaged, avoid riding away from the accident. You may have more serious damage than you realize. Hail for a cab or rideshare after you hammer out the details with the other party.

Claiming Insurance

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You are entitled to insurance after bicycle accidents in case of:

  • Personal injuries – if they’re proven to be the results of the accident such as cuts, bruises and fractures, including psychological issues such as trauma and depression.
  • Bicycle damage – you can claim repair costs in case your bicycle damage is worth less than the bicycle itself. If the bicycle is totally destroyed, you can claim for compensation for the whole value of the bike.
  • Property damage – if any of your gear is damaged or destroyed such as your phone, bodycam or whatever cargo you may be carrying.
  • Loss of earnings – if your injury is debilitating or worse, permanent damage, you can file for loss of earnings. You will need to provide evidence of the earnings lost during your disability to work whether employed or self-employed. In case you’re not employed, you can still file claims for potential earnings because you were prevented from gaining employment.
  • Transportation Costs – you can also file a claim for total transportation costs for commuting in case the bicycle is damaged if it’s your primary mode of transportation.
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