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TICKETED FOR DUI re SINGLE CAR (MINE) accident. I had taken oxycodone prescribed meds [continuous presc.. for 6 years]. is this a viable defense?

Answered by Matt Lexington.
Stone boundary wall is deteriorating onto my backyard property below. Wall is holding up a small residential/commercial parking lot, which has a significant tunnel of a hole that you can see from my backyard. Large stones have and continue to fall into my backyard. The hole is becoming significantly larger with each precipitation.

What do I do if a landlord doesn't hold up their end of the lease about maintaining a safe place? I have issues they know about and nothing happens

Answered by Matt Lexington.

On may 26, 2016 i was involved in an accident in texas involving 2 semi trucks. My fiancee was killed and my leg was broken badly. Im just getting rel

Answered by Matt Lexington.
If you do not have a lawyer already, you should immediately get a consultation. The trucking companies and truck drivers have a way of getting rid of evidence that you will need to support your case down the road, such as the driver's qualification file, pre trip inspection reports, and the driver's logs. At a minimum, send them a certified letter advising them of the potential of litigation so they will eb faced with consequences if they get rid of evidence. If you need a copy of a letter to send, give our firm a call.
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