Kansas Child Support Program

Kansas Child Support Program

Kansas Child Support Program

The Kansas Child Support program provides helps to children for the purpose of getting the required financial support for their growth and development. The program helps with the establishment of parentage and orders for children and medical assistance, finding noncustodial parents and their property, carrying out medical and child care orders, and changing support orders.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kansas Child Support

What is the Kansas Payment Center? Where can I go to confirm if I have been paid child support?

Payment of child support for all Kansas child support orders is done through the Kansas Paying Center.

1. Any payment not paid in this way is not recorded and cannot be considered as a real payment in the court order.

  • Use KPC to make your payments in order to ensure that they are recorded.

2.  Both parents can view payment records on the Kansas Payment Center website at www.kspaycenter.com.

  • When the payment is received and when it is paid will be shown to other parent.
How can I stop child support?

In the event that you are presently under a child support order, but do have it in mind that you should not pay for child support, you need to change your child support order. If the reason you think the child support should stop is due to a change in the parenting time (custody) for the child, this order must also be changed.

The age of the child is another reason why the child support must stop.

  • If the child is 18 years of age (in July of the year he or she finishes high school) but there are other children under the age of 18, there is an automatic reduction in the amount of child support If there are three children and only two children are supported, it is automatically reduced by one-third. You can complete the child support workbook and see if there is any further reduction in support. If this is the case, you must apply for a change of child support. The number and age of children are determining factors in the amount of support.
  • If all children are older than 18, and in July of the year the child has completed high school, you should consider why the decision on the withdrawal was not stopped. If there is unpaid support from the past, the order may remain in place until all support is due. Before you will determine this, there are lots of calculations that you need to do.
Can I get my Kansas child support paid directly into my personal bank account?

On the Kansas Payment Center website, there are forms that can notify the payment center of your bank account. This will give room for direct deposits to be made.

  • This will speed up your payment receipt.
  • Use the form link on the KPC website.
I changed banks, what can I do?

In the event that your payments are directly deposited in your account, you can change your account by filling out the form at www.kspaycenter.com.

  • The form requires bank information from the bank and a VOIDED check (this check cannot be a starter check without your name).
What is the order of income withholding?

When a child support order is issued by a Kansas court, the order permits the receiver of the child support to obtain an income withholding order.

  • This order can be sent to the employer of the person who has to pay for the child support.
  • As soon as it is served, the employer should start subtracting the child support from the employee salaries.  Then, the employer will send it to the Kansas Payment Center.
  • The income withholding order is specific for each case.
The individual paying for the child support has changed jobs. How can I request a new employer to pay for my child support?

There will be need for an income withholding order to be “served” to the new employer.

  • If the judge has signed the income withholding order, you can obtain a copy of the order from the clerk of the district court.
  • It can be sent to the employer; it is better to send it by verified mail, so there is evidence that it is sent.
  • A new employer must submit a response to the court within 30 days of delivery.
    • The withholding of funds from wages and payment of child support must commence within 30 days.
  • Often, a court administrator or a law enforcement agency will assist in the serving of an income withholding order.  This is based on information received from parents receiving child support.
Are there any cautions about filing a motion to increase child support?

When a request to increase support was submitted by a parent, the fact that there are “after born” children (these will include younger children that were not taken into account when support was previously set) maybe included by the payer.

  • Inclusion of these children may reduce the amount of support paid.
  • The costs of these children are only taken into account when the parent requires increased support.
  • If this is your case, first look for financial information (and separately) and consider the impact of these children (making use of the multi-family adjustment) before filing the motion to increase support.
Where will I seek help to collect child support?

The lack of child support is one of the main reasons why children live in poverty. As a result, government programs help families to raise child support.

Every district court in Kansas has an arrangement that helps families to raise child support.

  • Call the Child Support Call Center (CSCC) toll free at 1-888-757-2445 (TTY 1-888-688-1666). These are available to contact Child Support Services during regular business days.
    • The Child Support Representative can discuss how to request for services, generally support services, or answer questions about the existing child support file.
  • Parents can hire a lawyer who can help them.
  • In some counties, services are also made available from a court trustee
What is the relationship between child support and seeing my children? Can I stop paying because my mother does not allow me to see my children?

Kansas law is specific is specific to this question. There is no “right” for you to see your child that is earned by paying child support. Alternatively, there is no “right” to deprive parenting time because the parent does not pay for child support.

  • Research suggests parents with have close contact with their child, and who develop regular visiting of the child, are more likely to pay for child support.
  • Child support and parenting time can be part of a court orders issued by a Judge who has jurisdiction over the parties
    • Failure to comply with court orders may expose a parent to non-compliance with the court.  With the option of punishment, imprisonment or other sanctions that the court may award after hearing.
Why does the state of Kansas retain some of the support I pay?

If a child gets benefits from certain federal programs, such as TANF and Medical Assistance (Health Wave or KanCare), the parent seeking compensation must hand over his / her right to child support from the state of Kansas.

  • During the payment of child support, the state retains all the support while children continue to receive public benefit.
  • When the children does not gain from public benefits, the state of Kansas retains a part of the child support to compensate the state for the money spent on help for the children.  And if their parents are unable to support the children.
Why does the Court Trustee keep part of the child support I pay?

An enforcement fee which is equivalent to a small percent of the child support order is added to the amount of child support.

  • There will be an addition of a small amount which will be added to the amount paid by the payer. The same amount comes from the amount that is on behalf of the person receiving the support.
  • In this way each parent pays half of the enforcement fee.
  • These enforcement fees are funded by the Court Trustee office who is at your disposal to help you raise child support if this service is needed in your case.
What is a Kansas Child Support Worksheet?

Kansas Child Support is determined by the rules in the Kansas Child Support Guidelines that can be found in pages 38-96. These guidelines determine mathematical formulas for determining certain ratios, and setting child support on the basis of child’s age and the income of the parents.

The child support worksheet has been completed to show the calculations and the amount of support that is paid. You can use this program below to fill out a child support worksheet for your situation. This is a free service from Kansas Legal Services.

My husband and I had a baby and he pays a child support to another child. Can we reduce the Kansas child support he pays them, so that we can afford this baby?

A child born after the child support is set by the court is not a change of circumstances that would justify a reduction in Kansas child support.

  • The theory behind this rule is that the cost of older children should be taken into account when deciding on a new child.
  • Costs of newborns should not reduce the standard of living of older children.

I think I might need legal assistance.  Is there somebody I can call to ask some questions?

You can visit The Lawyers Direct and ask an attorney any questions or find someone you can speak with.

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